Azure DevOps: Quick Introduction to "Project Tracking"

If this is your first time working as a client with "DevOps" or you are not familiar with "Scrum", this video will help you learn how Scrum works in DevOps and how you can use this system.
 In this video we show you how to access to your target project and watch and follow "Tasks", "Backlogs" and "Sprints". We also tell you what do "Backlog" and "Sprint" mean and how to follow up the states of each one, this video also helps you to access to each "Work item" details and leave your comment.
Watch this video and get familiar with "Project Tracking" and some "Scrum Concepts" on Devops.
If you are interested in creating a new "work item" or reporting a bug on DevOps, see "Azure DevOps: Bug Reporting " article and watch the video.

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